Dr Patrick Brady

Dr Patrick Brady has been a GP since 1976, and offers patients the choice of scientifically supported nutritional therapies to prevent and treat chronic conditions as well as orthodox medicine to treat acute conditions. He has also competed extra training in Allergy assessment and Chelation.

Dr Gary Deed

Dr Gary Deed has practised Integrative Medicine since 1994. He has combined a variety of Integrative Natural Therapy treatments within the structure of a traditional medical training background to give patients the ability to choose multidisciplinary approaches to health issues. He provides individualised assessment and treatment methods to a variety of diverse patient groups.

Areas of Special Interest

• Women’s Health
• Chronic Fatigue
• Fibromyalgia,
• Diabetes
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Dr Margaret Van Maanen

Dr Margaret Van Maanen has been a GP since 1981 and devotes her practice exclusively to women’s health. She incorporates the natural approach of diet management, supplements and exercise to treat women’s health issues. She has completed a post-graduate diploma in Nutritional and Environment Medicine.

Dr Dominique Novic

Has considerable experience as a Holistic/Integrative Practitioner enjoying all aspects of medicine.

Areas of Special Interest

• Family Medicine
• Women’s Health
• Chronic Disease Management
• Mental Health Issues
• Children

Dr Sucy Mohan
General Practitioner, MBBS,
FRACGP, DCH, Dip Dermatology

Interests include Family Health, Women’s Health, Children, Mirena, Implanon, Basic skin excisions.

Dr Robert Novic

Areas of Special Interest

• General Practice
• Family Medicine
• Men’s Health
• Mental Health
• Chronic Disease Management

Ms Peta Tauchmann

Ms Peta Tauchmann is a credentialed Diabetes Educator and an Insulin Pump Specialist with 15 years’ experience as a Diabetic Educator. She has a special interest In Type 1 Diabetes, optimizing Insulin therapy and Insulin pump therapy.

Ms Julie Masci

Ms Julie Masci an Accreditated Practising Dietitian who aims to provide realistic diet and lifestyle changes to aid weight loss and help people manage chronic conditions. She has many years’ experience investigating and managing food intolerances and other gastrointestinal issues.

Nursing Team

Our nursing team are happy to assist you with medical queries where they can, and assist the doctors to provide you with the best possible medical attention.

administration team

Our reception staff can assist you with all administrative queries, such as appointments and general centre queries. Reception staff are not qualified to discuss clinical information such as results. Our Practice Manager Margaret is available Monday to Friday to discuss any feedback, concerns or suggestions you may have.

Margaret –
Practice Manager



If you require urgent medical attention, please dial 000 (Zero) for assistance and ask for Ambulance. If you are having any of the following, inform the receptionists without delay either in person or when phoning or presenting to the clinic:

  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting